How to Properly Spend Your Summer

My school is getting out on the 27th of this month, which is in about 6 days, so I thought I would tell you about how I’m going to spend the summer. It will be so healthy! Enjoy!

  1. Spend every day of the week watching Grey’s Anatomy until I catch up to season 12.
  2. Eat grilled cheese and raviolis until I’m sick of it.
  3. Drink sweet tea.
  4. Make sweet tea.
  5. Eat chocolate cake.
  6. Perfect my cupcakes.
  7. Run.
  8. Try to stay in contact with all of my friends.
  9. Volunteer at the library and check out a few books at a time.
  10. Start a new Netflix series.
  11. Catch up to season 6 of Bob’s Burgers.
  12. Watch all of the Zac Efron movies that have ever been made.
  13. Continuously update this blog.
  14. Tan. Jk, I’ll get skin cancer.
  15. Cut soda out of my diet.
  16. Learn to cook good food.
  17. Eat rice for every meal.
  18. Make new friends (online and real).
  19. Send letters to all of my pen pals.
  20. Learn how to sew… maybe…
  21. Become the queen of sleepovers! (I’m a little late…)
  22. Get a job.
  23. Make a bucket list for Paris and London.
  24. Get a cute pixie cut.
  25. Buy new shoes/outifts.

Tell me how you’re going to spend your summer in the comments. Write to you later!